Fall Festival Fun

3 Nov

Last Friday was a day full of Fall Fun for children at the YWCA.  First, the young children in the Child Care Center celebrated “Harvest Day”.  They wore their pajamas all day, and got to go around the building from office to office collecting candy and goodies.  Many of the parents of children in Child Care participated in Harvest Day as well, helping the kids paint pumpkins and make arts & crafts.

During After-School, laughter and squeals filled the hallways and the kids in this K-6 program enjoyed “Fall Festival” activities.  Face painting, games, and dancing were part of the Festival.  The bravest children stuck their hands into a cardboard screen covering a monster whose sticky jello-like “blood” contained prizes.  After-schoolers also decorated their own goody bags and enjoyed an elaborate spread for their snack.

Here are some photos from the Fall Festival…

Looks like a great time, huh?  The After-school program is always looking for tutors.  If you would like to become a tutor and positively impact a student’s academic and emotional growth, call Volunteer Coordinator Heidi Sistare at 254-7206 x 204.

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