What You Need to Vote

3 Nov

From the National YWCA…
November 4th is Election Day.

Do you have everything you need to vote?

1. Know when and where to vote! To find out where and when you can vote, what identification is required in your state to vote, and what initiatives are on the ballot in your state call 1-866-OURVOTE or visit www.vote411.org.

2. Bring ID such as a Drivers License or State ID! You may also want to bring a utility bill (phone, gas, electric or water) or paycheck stub to prove your place of residence.

3. Get Help! Voters with limited English proficiency and those with disabilities have the right to bring a family member or friend into the polling booth to assist them. Voters in some areas have the right to bilingual voter assistance.

  • If you experience someone harassing you, or if have any questions, concerns or experience problems voting call the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR VOTE where lawyers will be standing by to provide immediate, on-the-spot assistance.
  • Spanish voting assistance is available at 1-888-839-8682, sponsored by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, National Council of La Raza, and Univision.
  • Voting assistance in several Asian languages is available at 1-800-966-5946, sponsored by the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

4. Know Your Rights! No voter can be turned away without being allowed to vote. If you believe that you are registered to vote, you have the right to a provisional ballot. This is a special ballot. After local election officials check and find out that you are eligible to vote, they will add your ballot to all the others and count it.

5. If you are in line before the polls close, you are legally entitled to vote. Do not let poll workers close the polls until you have voted.

6. Review your vote before you cast it.

7. Need more information? Visit www.ywcavote.org.

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