Diabetes Prevention

10 Nov

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, so we thought we’d talk about our successful Diabetes Prevention Program.

Two years ago, the YWCA of Asheville began the Diabetes Prevention Pilot Project to help minority and low-income community members make long-term behavior changes, expecially exercise. The YWCA’s program is the only managed exercise program for pre-diabetics in Buncombe County.

Participants attend one of three weekly support groups, have access to all of the YWCA exercise Workout Partnersequipment, pool, and fitness classes, receive one-on-one personal training, and take a 12-week weight management course. All Prevention Project services are provided in Spanish. In return, participants are asked to exercise 2 times per week or more.

Alphie Rodriguez, Director of Diabetes Wellness and Prevention, says “The project has surpassed all of its original goals.  We hoped to serve 40 persons. But instead, we have served a total of 70 persons, all of whom met the exercise requirements and lost weight or inches. But best of all, NO ONE has developed full-blown diabetes.”

Project participants also have a water aerobics class, attend monthly lectures with guest speakers, participate in graduation ceremonies, and go on shopping tours of local supermarkets. In addition to these services, the Diabetes Wellness and Prevention staff has also added Dining with Diabetes, a short education curriculum about dining out. The Healthy Weight Management class has been expanded to include family members.

“But far more important than any of that,” says Alphie, “is that the most astounding accomplishment for the Project is the completion rate. Ninety-one percent of people who enroll have completed the program. We’re very proud of all that everyone has accomplished.”

If you’d like to enroll in the Diabetes Prevention Project, or if you already have Diabetes and would like to enroll in the Diabetes Wellness Program, which is very similar to the Prevention Program,
call Alphie Rodriguez at 828-254-7206 ext. 212

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