SOS Holiday Party

17 Dec

sos-chopping1“Last night Support Our Students (SOS) participatns had a Holiday Party for parents, families, YWCA staff and church affiliates. It was a great success, with about 85 people in attendance. The SOS students set up our lovely tables, cooked spaghetti, cookies and éclairs, mixed tossed salad, chopped vegetables for the vegetable trays and created lovely designs for the cheese and cracker trays.

The students also presented gifts to their parents and guardians that they had been working on. Students made bath salts and hot chocolate mixes. We also wanted to acknowledge the other people that have helped us out throughout the semester so the students presented them with gifts as well. Those people were Yashika Smith, Keisha Hightower, Jenny Sliker, Cindy Hyle and Catherine Peck.

Thank you to all that came and supported SOS students and families for the holiday party of the year. The studentssos-party parents and families were there and it was just an amazing night.

I have to say last but not least thank you to the HIGHEST to my SOS and FutureVision staff: Seth Connelly, Jessica Keith, Miaisha Wadsworth, Heidi Sistare, Rachel Herrick and Ashley Isles. I have the most amazing staff members and they all work so hard to make each and every experience for our students in SOS and FutureVision an experience to remember. Thank you all for touching the lives of many; it does not go unnoticed.” – Kenya Webster, YWCA SOS Director


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