Member Takes on a Challenge

13 Jan

YWCA Club W member Elizabeth Sarrett is taking on a new challenge in the next few months, as you’ll read below. Feel free to post an encouraging comment for Elizabeth or email it to marketing [at] so we can pass it on. Good luck, Elizabeth!

elizabeth“My story is this…I have been a member of the YWCA’s Club W off and on for about 5 years (I think). I have always found it to be a comfortable atmosphere to work out in, unlike some other gyms I have used in the past. Staff have always been helpful and courteous. Now, I am undertaking a huge task of joining the Army Reserves at age 38!

While I have worked out somewhat regularly my whole life, and played sports; I need to get into better shape for basic training. So, I have re-committed myself to the YWCA and to preparing myself for what lies ahead. I have been to the gym nearly every weekday since the last week in December, and I know I am making strides. I have lost a few pounds and already feel some changes in muscle tone and stamina. I had a slight setback last week when my back started bothering me, so I have been nursing that and think I am about back to normal. My biggest worry is getting ready for the push-ups that are part of the physical fitness test. I have been working at it, and the progress is slow. I also have to increase my speed for the 2 mile run significantly. Sit-ups are not as big a worry, as I can already do the minimum required in 2 minutes.

Because of my age, I want to make sure I am more than prepared for the physical aspects of basic before I leave in March or April. Any help and support would be appreciated!” – Elizabeth Sarrett

Photo: Elizabeth working on a Habitat for Humanity “Women Build” House.

One Response to “Member Takes on a Challenge”

  1. Mandy January 14, 2009 at 8:35 pm #

    Elizabeth, you are so courageous!

    Best of luck to you!

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