Club W Members: Training and Running a Half-Marathon

4 May

half-marathon-groupKelly Ball, Billy Ornold and Clare Cook (pictured at left) all run and stay fit with fellow  Club W members and YWCA employees. They had each run 5K and 10K races, but decided to try a half marathon in February.

This is their success story.

Kelly ran track in high school, but was never really serious about it. One of her goals has been to run a marathon. A half marathon sounded like fun – She had trained for a half marathon in Utah in March 2008, but didn’t get to run because of an injury. The Myrtle Beach Dasani Half-Marathon in February was a chance to try it again.

When Clare was growing up, her family was athletic, and fitness was not the focus; just games and fun physical activity.clare Clare’s mom even played college sports, but no one in the family was a runner. Clare’s mom is the one who inspired her to do a half-marathon. In fact, she borrowed her mom’s training program as she prepared for her first half-marathon. Clare knew that her mom was planning to walk the Myrtle Beach Dasani Half-Marathon with friends and wanted to surprise her by doing the same race.

Billy played football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball when he was little and had run a few races, but he needed a new running goal and decided to train for the half marathon. He developed a great training program to follow as he, Kelly, and Clare got ready for the race.

Kelly and Billy knew they would be able to run the entire 13.1 miles – Even though Kelly was four months pregnant at the time of the race! Clare knew she’d be able to finish, but she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to run the entire thing. She did, and amazed herself! (Her husband always knew she would do it!)

Clare says she didn’t realize the importance of people up and down the path cheering. In fact, they are what she remembers most from the experience. She says she would have felt exhausted if not for them. They made her want to volunteer to do the cheering for others!

Billy’s already done another half marathon in Knoxville and he, Kelly, and Clare would like to try a marathon– but a flat one. Clare might run the Kiowah Island Half-Marathon in December with her mom. Go Clare (and go Mom!)!

They are all grateful for the support, inspiration and community at Club W: The YWCA Health & Fitness Center.

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