Aquatics Success

12 May

ava moorHonor Moor and John Menkes were determined to see their daughter Ava overcome her fear of the water. Swimming and hanging out at the pool is one of their family’s favorite activities, so when Ava was 4, last November, they signed her up for Kinderswim at the YWCA. They knew she had a severe fear of the water but hoped that peer pressure in a group lesson would make her want to participate in the lessons. But Ava is strong-willed! Honor managed to get her in her bathing suit and out to the pool, but Ava promptly made a beeline for the dressing room again, crying, screaming and shaking.

At that point Honor had not met Jean, the YWCA Aquatics Director, but Honorava and jean knew of her reputation for having taught so very many WNC folks to swim. Ava wasn’t enrolled in Jean’s class.  But, when Jean saw Ava reacting with fear, she immediately knew what to do. She gave Ava a private lesson that day, because she saw from Ava’s behavior that she was not going to join her group.

For the second lesson, it was time to join the group.  But Ava’s fear was worse – Honor had to loosen her grip on the carseat just to get her into the Y. It took two swim teachers to get Ava into her bathing suit! Honor left so Ava couldn’t try to get to her, and Jean was ready immediately to step in and do a second lesson.

across the poolAnd here’s the good news! After that second special lesson with Miss Jean, Ava overcame her fears!

Ava’s swim teachers have since had no trouble getting her in the water; Honor has had no trouble getting her into and out of the car for swim lessons. In fact, five months later, Ava has even swum in the deep end with the help of the Aquatics staff.

Honor was moved to tears at the fourth lesson. Jean even got Ava to go down the slide that day, and teachers on both sides of the pool cheered for Ava as she slid down and into the water.

The YWCA offers American Red Cross certified swim lessons for all ages and levels. Don’t let a fear of the water keep you or your children from developing this important skill for fun, fitness and increased safety. The next session of swim lessons begins June 8, but we will pro-rate the lessons if you want to start this week!

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