Y-Tri Bike Safety

12 May

The YWCA Club W Y-Tri Triathalon group recently had a road safety course. Here is one participant’s positive experience with the course:

“The road safety course was awesome! I’m extremely new to biking, so honestly I’ve been limiting myself to ‘safe’ rides: flat, no gear changing, in the park…and, ummm, not very challenging either!

The class on Saturday gave me more than an understanding of the rules of the road and safety maneuvers; Claudia andbike safety Gwen helped me get to know more about all the features of my bike, including how to make use of all those gears.  By taking us out on the road for a short ride at the end of class, I got my first taste of group riding ever and my very first trip out on city streets on a bike!  While it was hard for me to put it all together since I learned much in one morning, going out on the road with instructors and a group pushed me harder than I would’ve ever dared try on my own (I would’ve chosen a flat route with no left turns!).  It helped me figure out what I should work on (proper gearing for going uphill is one of those areas) and it felt good to have some shining moments (pedaling downhill in control instead of coasting and praying, yeah!).

Thank Gwen and Claudia for me–best ten bucks I’ve spent in a long time.”

– Katie C.

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