New Choices Success

21 May

Every once in a while, the YWCA New Choices Director, Jenny Sliker, gets an email like the one below:

photo by megan richardson“I am overwhelmed with excitement, joy and gratitude….thank you so much for helping me take this photography class. I’m currently writing my business plan for Mountain Bizworks to get a business loan to buy my first professional camera! Attending this workshop and receiving tuition from the YWCA is going to help me gain the knowledge I need…to get my photography business going. Knowing that you and Kristine and the YWCA are behind me and supporting me in so many ways has helped to get me through one of the most challenging times in my life. 

I am hopeful now. Things are looking up!

Hugs to you and the New Choices crew,


And now the rest of the story…

When Megan Richardson came to the New Choices office for assistance in Decemberphoto: megan richardson 2006, she had a desire to pursue a vocation in photography, but had to figure out how to do that and care for her two toddlers, ages 4 and 2. She had been separated for a year and a half, and was seeking ways to be more financially independent. She used the YWCA Drop-In Child Care service to go to court, seek educational opportunities and develop her photography business. The New Choices program was also able to provide funding to Megan for a 2 day photography workshop in March 2008 sponsored by The Rocky Mountain School of Photography, an opportunity that could not be paid for by traditional financial aid. Megan also worked with Mountain Bizworks and received a business loan for a professional digital camera, and launched her business on line in April 2008.

Now, a year later, she is expanding her business with a studio, and has an updated website at – check it out! The photos in this post are all by Megan.
megan richardson photo

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