Collaborative Poem

10 Jun

futurevision - leafThis is from Rachel Herrick, Director of the YWCA FutureVision after-school program for high school students:

We have been working with Graham Hackett this past week with the LEAF in Schools and Streets.  Our workshop was on spoken word and poetry.  This poem is what we created as a group with the theme “Experimentation.” Each student wrote two lines, covered their first line so that the next student could only read the second line to go by and write their two lines, cover their first line, and so on. It was an enjoyable and interesting process for everyone involved! And we were all pleased with the results.

Experimentation is definitely
Our destination
Our streets littered with experimentation
Kids learn to sell drugs but catch a citation
Mix it up and throw my rhymes and my own style in
Throw some nitrogen oxide and try to make it blend
I try and I try but it just don’t mix
Why can’t I get it, why doesn’t it set in?
Experiment, making explosions
Testing, being different
Breaking boundaries, cutting ties that bind
Stepping out and shouting
Crying out and doubting
Don’t start the pouting
Maybe it’s time for your outing
Do it again, don’t give up
Be patient, determined, Damn!
People pokin’, proddin’, always got something to say
I’m losin’ my brain, goin’ insane
Trying it out, why shouldn’t I shout?
Screaming my own name, I start it all over again
Then dripping drops upon
My head hmmmm….. What’s that  smell?
Smells unique, melancholy, and wild
Like nothing ever before
Like a raining downpour.

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