National Peer Review

10 Aug

YWCA Peer Review AwardWe are proud to announce that the YWCA of Asheville has successfully completed its National Peer Review Assessment for the YWCA of the USA and the Southeast Region. The YWCA of Asheville excelled in all areas of assessment – programmatic, legal and financial. This extensive organizational review requires weeks of preparation and is the critical determinate for affiliation with the YWCA of the USA and the YWCA of the Southeast Region. The peer review process seeks to build capacity within local associations by reviewing program standards and model practices.

Joan Witherspoon Norris, lead reviewer from the YWCA of the Southeast region stated, “Asheville has a real asset in its midst with the YWCA of Asheville. The YWCA of Asheville is doing excellent, mission-driven work for women and children. Their operations and administrative systems are outstanding. This organization has achieved one of the highest scores ever given in YWCA peer reviews, and is a model to other YWCA’s across our region and nation.”

Photo (L to R): Holly Jones, YWCA of Asheville Executive Director; Jennie Eblen, former president of the YWCA of Asheville board (with the YWCA’s of Asheville’s Peer Review plaque); and Rita Wesley, vice chair of the YWCA’s Regional board at the 2009 YWCA U.S.A. Conference.

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