The YWCA at the Asheville Triathlon

18 Aug

On July 19th 2009, 26  members of the YWCA participated in the Asheville Triathlon. There were 17 women and 9 men ranging in age from 15-61.  12 participants competed in their first triathlon and 7 participants competed in their second triathlon with the Asheville Triathlon 2008 being their first triathlon. The race  consisted of a 400 Meter Swim in Recreation Park Pool,  11.6 mile bike through east Asheville and a 5K run along beautiful Swannanoa River.  For the past two years the YWC A has offered a triathlon training program free to members to prepare for the Asheville Triathlon. If you are interested in training for the Asheville Triathlon and joining the YWCA please contact Susan Macdonald

YWCA member Zach Herman was kind enough to share his experience with us…

My First Triathlon”  By Zach Herman, age 18

I had been preparing for this triathlon for two years.

zachI was already a strong swimmer from swimming every morning before school for more than 2 years so, the 400 meters was not even a blip on my endurance radar. However, I was not a runner in any shape or form. Before the triathlon I ran for two reasons, someone was chasing me, or I was playing hide and seek. My biking skills were just a pitiful as my running. I hadn’t ridden a bike in close to 8 years. I could barely stay on a bike let alone ride 12 miles.

I started training by myself and then with the triathlon group here atrun the YWCA. Alphie, Jeff, and Susan were amazingly helpful, answering all my questions and showing me tricks that I never would have thought of. The indoor cycling classes, mini tris, transition clinics, and group rides were invaluable in helping me prepare mentally and physically for the race.

bikeOn the day of the Asheville Triathlon I was mostly nervous but I knew that I was ready. My goal was to finish the race in under an hour and thirty minutes.  My official time was 1.28.15 and I placed second in my age group. Not bad for my first race. When I finished that first race I knew that I had been bitten by the race bug, and that I was now a true tri-athlete.


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  1. Faris Ward August 20, 2009 at 2:38 pm #

    WOW! Great story Zach!

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