Board Member Profile

29 Sep

Name: Melissa Williams

Career:  Community Relations Manager, Asheville Police DepartmentMelissa Williams

Education:  BA English/Creative Writing Hamilton College, 1989 MA, English, Miami University of Ohio

History:  Government Editor/Reporter, Asheville Citizen Times; Family Planning Assistant, Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio & Northern Kentucky

Community Service: YWCA board, Steering Committee Member/Secretary for the West Riverside Operation Weed & Seed

Hobbies:  Running, Gardening, Cooking, Reading Memoirs/Biographies

Why She is a Board Member: “I love the YWCA and have been a happy member for about 5 years. Serving on the board feels like a real privilege. I’m not what anyone would call a ‘joiner,’ but I am so honored to be a member of this board and a part of the YWCA community. ‘Eliminating Racism and Empowering Women.’ Is that not THE BEST mission statement you ever heard???”

Photo by Shutter Shack Photography

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