Tawan Perry inspires FutureVision

14 Oct










Last week nationally respected speaker Tawan Perry gave an inspiring presentation to middle and high school students in the YWCA FutureVision program. He encouraged the group to pursue a college education.

Here are quotes from FutureVision students about the presentation:

“I like when he said, ‘Don’t look at the top of the steps, but look at the first step.’” – Ebony Burt

“I liked that he [Tawan Perry] told you what happens if you don’t stay in school instead of just telling you that you have to go to college. He gave us options instead of just telling us what we should do or not do.” – Mariah Flaherty

About Tawan Perry:
Tawan overcame incredible odds to become the person he is today.  As a teenager, he lost his best friend to a violent crime. After completing high school, he had to learn the reality of life without an education: Choices are made for you. The turning point came when he grew sick and tired of doing nothing with his life. He enrolled into a local community college and began taking classes. Although he was enrolled, he failed both the English and Math placement tests. He spent the next two years struggling to get out of remedial courses. With hardwork and persistence, he eventually graduated and was awarded a full academic scholarship. He would never look back again.

Tawan earned his bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Morgan State University and his master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  

Tawan’s talks and workshops focus on student leadership, college transition, and diversity. Tawan’s inspirational message is “it’s not about the  smartest or most gifted; it is about who can persist. Persistence always wins the marathon of life.” Today, Tawan draws on the life lessons learned to help people, especially young people, transform their lives.

Tawan Perry is the author of the award-winning college guide, College Sense: What College and High School Advisors Don’t Tell You about College. He has been a guest on several national radio and TV talk shows.

Tawan has traveled all over the world, including: France, Italy, Egypt, Ethiopia, England, Brazil, Hawaii, Switzerland, Greece, and the Bahamas. He has also been to over 35 states in the US, bringing truly a national and global perspective to the audience. He currently resides in Raleigh, NC.

You can find out more at www.tawanperry.com.

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