Blog Action Day

15 Oct

300-250Today is Blog Action Day, and the theme is climate change. With a mission of eliminating racism and empowering women, of course the YWCA is committed to social justice. We are also committed to “green”  practices that don’t harm the environment. Why? Because, as we work for social justice, we also want to help ensure that there is a heathly planet on which people can thrive. One of the biggest steps we have taken is to install 30 solar thermal panels on the roof of our building that provide energy to heat the water for the pool and domestic water. But we are doing many other things. Below is a list of some of the actions we’ve undertaken. We’re adding to this list all the time. If you’d like to make a contribution to the YWCA in support of our green efforts, please click here.

  • Solar panels heat water for pool and domestic use
  • Commercial dishwasher for kitchen which allows us to use reusable plates and cups for childcare and afterschool
  • Dishwasher installed in staff kitchen for reusable plates for meetings
  • Doubled amount of recycling esp. in the kitchen
  • Using compact fluorescent bulbs where possible/LED fluorescent bulbs
  • Using cleaning chemicals that get a “Good Housekeeping Green Seal of Approval”
  • Adjusted air/heat schedule for more efficient running
  • Use copy paper is used for notes and some staff print on the back side
  • Biodegradable ice melt used on walkways during winter
  • Swim suit wringers installed
  • Ceramic mugs for coffee for employees
  • Support groups and programs serve meals on reusable plates and cups
  • Running the YWCA buses on biodiesel when possible
  • Educating staff to turn off lights
  • Ongoing maintenance including filter changes, coil cleaning, thermostat calibration of our AC units, etc.
  • Lower lights in certain areas that were too well lit

Looking into:

  • Installing hand dryers in locker rooms to reduce paper towel usage
  • Water bottle refilling stations
  • Installing low-flow toilets
  • Encouraging people to use the stairs instead of elevator

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