Board Member Profile

4 Nov

Name: Charlie Reed

Career:  Owner of Long Term Care Insurance Connection, Inc; Financial Representative of Northwestern MutualCharlie Reed

Education: PhD Florida State, MS Southern CT State, BS Bethany College

History:  28 years of teaching and administration; 1978-1996 Professor or Education , Chari of the Education Department at the University of North Carolina at Asheville

Community Service: Co-Chair United Way Campaign in 2005, UW deToqueville Leadership; Carolina Day School Board Community Foundation Board, Memory Care Board, 2003-present

Hobbies:  General Contractor of home at beach, Golf, and Hiking

Why she is a Board Member: I belong to the YWCA board because I am committed to the mission: “eliminating racism and empowering women.” Although many people profess these values, not many actually embody them. The YWCA not only professes and embodies them, but impacts the community through programs that benefit women and children. It is an honor to sit on board that actively works toward positive individual and community change.

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