Kind Words from Pollinate Asheville

30 Nov

This blog entry is cross-posted from Pollinate Asheville. Thanks, Suzanne, for your kind words!

Pollinator: Get Fit. Go Green. Give to Others.

Can I just tell you how much I love the YWCA?  We are so fortunate to have a strong YWCA in Asheville, thanks to the amazing leadership, staff, and community support of their programming.

A Bit of History

Back in the day, like most other institutions, the YWCA was racially segregated.  The Asheville YWCA was the first in the South to integrate AND, the building that it currently occupies was originally the YWCA for African Americans, which is unusual.  In talking with Holly Jones, Executive Director, integration typically took place in the YWCAs for white folks, likely because the facilities were in better condition.

Eliminating Racism, Empowering Women

I started going to the YWCA to utilize their fitness equipment and classes, and quickly realized that it is much more than an exercise facility.  Even upon filling out the membership form, I had to sign on a line that I agree to show respect for others and myself while I am in the facility.  And, coming from the Pittsburgh-area, I find it odd that it is so difficult for me to meet friends with racial backgrounds different than my own.  Not only have I encountered rich diversity at the YWCA, but I notice that the staff is multi-racial—a rarity in Asheville.

“Our diverse staff helps us better serve our diverse community,” says Holly Jones.


5 Reasons to Support the YWCA

1. Their Mission: Eliminating Racism, Empowering Women

2. Efforts to Go Green and Lessen their Carbon Footprint: Solar Hot Water

3. Amazing Fitness Facility and Classes and a Pool.

4. Diverse, Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

5. Community Programs, including support for teen mothers, diabetes support and prevention, child care, and more.

5 Ways to Support the YWCA

1. Become a Member

  • Stop by the YWCA on South French Broad Ave. to learn more.  It’s affordable and worth it.

2. Make a Donation to help reach $100K this year

3. Volunteer, Share your talents.

  • Contact Catherine Peck, Programs Director – 828-254-7206 ext. 215

4. Sponsor a Program, custom-designed sponsorships available.

  • Contact Catherine Peck, Programs Director – 828-254-7206 ext. 215

5. Talk about the YWCA.  Take a look at the programs they offer and tell your friends.

Also…the YWCA’s Tribute to Women of Influence (TWIN) award nominations are being taken now.  Find the link to the nomination form on the homepage of their website.

Go to the YWCA Website for more information.

Go to the YWCA Blog for news and updates.

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