Viola’s Success

12 Jan

“I am so glad I was encouraged by Miss Elaine Robinson and Joanne Smith at Abipa to join the YWCA Diabetes Wellness Program. They also got me connected with Three Streams Clinic. These three programs work with each other to make our community healthy. Before I got involved with these programs, my AIC was around 7.9 and my weight was 225 pounds. Now my AIC is 5.2 and my weight is 212. My blood pressure was averaging 170/98 – pulse 105 and now it’s 122/69 – pulse 69. These improvements are in part because I have a great trainer at the YWCA, Rachel, who is my greatest encourager.  I have a two-piece outfit I have wanted to wear for 7 years (it was expensive). I tried it on this August and guess what? I look GOOD in it. I am wearing it to a wedding soon!” – Viola Williams

If you would like to support Diabetes Wellness or any of the programs at the YWCA, click here to make a donation.

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