Employee of the Year

9 Feb

In December, we wrote about Wanda Harris, YWCA Child Care Director, who was chosen as “Employee of the Year” for 2009. Today we want to share what we said about why she was given this award. The YWCA is lucky to have her!

“Wanda Harris is one of the kindest, warm-hearted people ever. All of her participants are made to feel equally special and important. She takes the time out to listen to concerns that participants may have, promptly addresses them and makes sure that the problem is solved. She reassures EVERY parent that their child is safely in the care of people who love and cares for them and their individual needs. As a co-worker, she goes out of her way to speak and say a kind work to everyone that crosses her path.  She makes anyone feel proud to be part of the YWCA.  She truly stands by our theme of eliminating racism and empowering women. Wanda inspires us all by caregiving for her family, and by taking real strides to get healthier. She has successfully lead her program to save money, go above and beyond on education, and secure a surprise 5-star rating.” 

Photo by Sandra Stambaugh

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