Honoree Reception

16 Mar

TWIN Honoree Kate Dreher, YWCA Board Member Leah Broker, and TWIN Honoree Carol Goins

Last Thursday, the YWCA had a lovely reception for the 2010 TWIN Honorees. TWIN 2009 Honoree of the Year, Maria Roloff (Director of Human Resources, Mission Hospital) started off the program talking about the positive experience she’s had being Honoree of the Year. She also spoke about the fact that Asheville is not only a funky retirement and tourist destination, but also a place “where there are many hungry children, where there are many unsafe neighbors and where many women struggle to raise families with little support.” For those people, she said, the YWCA is “a safe harbor and beacon in our community.” Her emotional testimony about the importance of the services the YWCA provides was quite moving.

Next YWCA Marketing Director Ami Worthen spoke briefly about the YWCA and what the Honorees can expect the night of the TWIN Awards Banquet (which is going to be next Thursday, March 25).

Jodi of Short Street Cakes (in red) shares her cupcakes.

Finally, Jodi Rhoden of Short Street Cakes shared a testimonial. She spoke about how the YWCA’s Drop-In Child Care enabled her to take the Mountain BizWorks Foundations class when she was starting her business. That class helped her to turn her business into the success it is today. She credited the support of the community, her family and the YWCA for what she has accomplished. Not only were her remarks inspiring, but the cupcakes she provided for the reception were to die for.

After the speakers, the Honorees were able to socialize and those who were new to the YWCA went for a tour of the facility. Everyone is looking forward to the banquet next week.

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