YWCA & Girl Scouts

13 Apr

Yesterday, girls in the YWCA After-School program started an 8-week program led by the Girl Scouts. According to the Girl Scouts website, during this program,”Wonders of Water,” the girls “will pledge to LOVE water by protecting it, then team up to advocate for other people to SAVE water, too. As they SHARE what they have learned, they find they can inspire even more people to protect Earth’s water. Along the way, Brownies experience what it is like to live in places where there is not enough water. They come to understand why the right to clean water is so important to everyone on Earth.”

Already, when asked about the program, girls in the After-School program are proclaiming, “We are learning to love water!”

While the YWCA girls learn about water, the boys will be enjoying other enrichment activities such as Ultimate Frisbee.

Below are two photos, the first is a photo from yesterday of the girls listening to Girl Scout leaders. The second is a photo of YWCA Girls in 1955 that we just HAD to post because of the similarities!

YWCA of Asheville Girls, 2010

YWCA of Asheville Girls, 1955

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