Standing Together

3 May

The YWCA Stand Against Racism last Friday was a great success. We are thrilled with the level of participation in our community. Groups in Asheville and Black Mountain participated in a variety of ways. We’ll be posting reports from some of these events over the next week or so. First off, we’ll share about our Stand in Aston Park. The event started out with YWCA MotherLove Director Tangela Bowman reading a poem she had written for the event. Then Glenis Redmond’s daugher Celeste Sherer read a poem. Tangela got everyone to say a pledge, “No Room for Hate,” which folks also signed at the end of the event. Marketing Director Ami Worthen led everyone in a song composed specifically for the Stand Against Racism. The event culminated with songs from the YWCA After-School, including an original number by YWCA counselor Carluse Baird. Here is a video with snippets of the event, created by the Mountain Xpress.

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