Triathlete Update

13 May

We are following two folks in the YWCA Triathlon Training program on this blog. Here’s a delightful update from P.J.

A casual glance at my Tri Training schedule resulted in a bit of a shock: we’re nearly half way through our training!

That can’t be, of course, because I don’t feel like a triathlete and don’t really know what I’m doing.

“I deserve this,” mentions a critical voice in my head.  True, my participation in this training wasn’t exactly planned.  There’s an old John Stewart song that pretty much captures the gist of my decision-making process: a man is driving his car along a southwestern highway when he pulls over at the spectacle of an atttractive woman who is hitchhiking.  He asks: “Where you headed?” She replies:  “Seatttle, where you goin’?” The man takes a deep breath, then answers:  “Well, I was going down to the store for a pack of cigarettes but, hell, I’ll go to Seattle if you want to!”

Deciding to train was a little like that. During a spin class on March 2nd — my 52nd birthday as it happens — one of the Y’s very excellent trainers, Jeff,  announced that the YWCA would soon be starting its annual triathlon training program with an eye to participating in the Asheville Sprint in July.  It’s really fun, Jeff said.

Well, I thought, I don’t run, I hate swimming and I haven’t done any serious biking for, oh, twenty-five years or so. But don’t let any of that stop you, P. J.  This is Asheville, right? Clearly the fact that Jeff mentioned the Triathlon on my Birthday must be a sign that I ought to do it, yes?

And here we all are — neophytes and veterans alike– seven weeks into training with another eleven to go.  Along the way we have been introduced to a form of “running” inspired by the ancient Chinese practice of tai chi; we have learned some “core training” exercises and using a form cylinder to stretch out our muscles, and we’ve otherwise studied everything from picking the right running shoes to checking out our bicycles.  Just this weekend, in fact, we learned how to swim — by which I mean, swim better than we did the day before. How cool is that?!!

Ok, so I don’t actually feel like a triathlete yet but with great support and the occasional beer with my training mates, it’s coming.

– P. J.

2 Responses to “Triathlete Update”

  1. Jeff May 14, 2010 at 4:01 pm #

    What PJ did not mention is, that during all this training, he has also taken the time to built his own bike at the recyclery! – That is Cool!

  2. YWCA of Asheville May 17, 2010 at 6:29 pm #

    Wow – even more inspiring!

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