Triathlon Training – Week 11

28 May

We’re following members of the Club W Triathlon Training Group. They are preparing for the Asheville Triathlon, which will be held in July. Here’s an update from first-time triathlete Susan Enderle:

May 24, 2010              

Week 11 –
Wow. I feel really, really good. And very proud of how far I’ve come.

When the tri group started, Jeff sent us an 18-week training schedule. I was overwhelmed – wondering how I’d have the physical stamina to do that program, and how would I ever find the time? Now it’s clear to me that as I make the time to exercise, the physical strength just develops, step by step.

So – how to find the time?  Every Sunday I pull out my work and personal calendars – and the tri workout plans (which outline 5 days of exercise with 2 rest days).  I then find a way to make everything mesh together.  For instance, if I know one of the week days is going to be crazy busy – that’s an off day.  The time of day that I work out varies according to my schedule.  This pre-planning really helps me make sure that I make the time to exercise (According to some of the health gurus on Oprah, I should be scheduling exercise first as my top priority. But I’m happy with a peaceful coexistence of exercise, work and family/friends). As I sip my daily morning coffee, I reconfirm my exercise plans for that day.

I’ve always been good at meeting my external commitments – work schedule and family plans have always been “inked” in my calendar. However, commitments to myself – like exercise – had been penciled in – easily erased if something else came up (someone needs me, work to be done, or the couch has become oh so comfortable). Knowing that the tri is coming up makes so much difference. And now that I’m in the routine – the 5 days of exercise sure feels great.

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