YWCA FutureVision and Arts2People

30 Jun


One word.


Partnering up with Arts2People has been a desire of mine as a YWCA FutureVision counselor for awhile. Having the opportunity to work with them on the Asheville Mural Project this past week was an affirmation of everything I expected. Most of the teens in our program haven’t been through the Lexington Avenue Bridge to stop and take a look at the beautiful public art that is there, much less ever even think they could put their hands and brushes filled with paint against the pillars.

The artists who volunteered their time, Ian and Molly, prepped the kids in the program about public art and history, as well as, strength behind a movement to bring art into our concrete worlds. When Molly asked the group “Why people might do this? Why do people create public art, for the people?” One camper responded, “Because it’s important… it’s important for people to express what they are feeling on the inside.” At that moment, glances exchanged between counselors, that moment meant this is it, they do get it, they do feel it, IT IS IMPORTANT!

Leaving the talk to begin to clean up the mural and walk to the bridge, we heard ambitious minds developing huge plans of how their artwork was going to cover up the graffiti left behind from taggers. We watched the kids jump in and get dirty and try new things and work hard and use their minds. I think my co-workers will agree when I say that this was one of the first times not one of our kids complained or even wanted to stop working. We saw a new form of dedication and commitment shine through onto those concrete walls and we heard their voices say “Hey, I can’t wait to walk by here and say ‘look at what I did’!”

Story and photos by Rebecca Harmon, Americorps Volunteer and FutureVision Counselor

To find out more about the YWCA FutureVision After-School and Summer Program for teens, click here. To make a contribution to FutureVision or any of the YWCA’s important programs, click here.

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  1. Asheville Mural Project (AMP) | - June 18, 2012

    […] YWCA FutureVision and Arts2People The Asheville Mural Project, a branch of the Arts2People 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, exists to beautify and diversify Asheville’s urban landscape; providing artists and local community members with an opportunity to design and implement their own public art. We believe murals enhance the quality of life and create artful metropolitan experiences through the transformation of conventional architecture. Our murals are both the testimony and celebration of a lively local arts culture. […]

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