Healthy & Fit Families

4 Aug

Family Fun Fitness Program
The YWCA is starting a Family Fun Fitness Program. The program will focus on creating holistic change in the family in regards to nutrition and exercise practices.  The programs runs for eight weeks for an hour a week in the evening.  There are three components to each meeting. The first is an exercise component where families will engage in physical activity.  The second part is a discussion and activity that deals with a healthy lifestyle option such as meal planning or reading food labels. Finally, each family leaves with ingredients for a quick, healthy, balances dinner. This is a pilot program and we hope to run more Family Fun Fitness Programs in the future. To find out more about this program, contact Alphie Rodriguez at 254-7206 x 212.

Summer Campers on the Move
During July, the YWCA Summer Camp had a contest to see who could get the most physical activity time. Each group tracked the exercise for the entire summer camp each week. The group that got the most exercise for the week won an hour of playground time and 100% fruit pops.  The winner for the month got a pool party.  Group 1 won the pool party. But truly, everyone who participated is a winner!

Here are the total hours for each group:
Group 1 – 90 hours
Group 5 – 72.25 hours
Group 3 – 71.5 hours
Group 4 – 58.4 hours
Group 2 – 54.5 hours

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