Rosalina’s Vision

14 Sep

Earlier this year, Hip-Hop quartet The Beast conducted a week-long residency with the YWCA FutureVision middle school group as part of the Lake Eden Arts Festival’s “LEAF in Schools and Streets” program. Professor Pierce Freelon led students in several days of creative writing, hip-hop history and video editing workshops, which culminated in a performance at the LEAF Festival on Sunday, May 9th 2010. This low-budget music video premieres an original song by FutureVision participant Rosalina entitled “Vision.” It was WRITTEN, PERFORMED, and FILMED by FutureVision students. Enjoy!

YWCA FutureVision is a comprehensive after school program and mentoring partnership designed to provide academic support and various career and social opportunities for middle and high school students.

FutureVision After School offers: tutoring, computer skills, research assistance, project completion assistance, and general homework help after school for middle and high school students. FutureVision provides a unique mix of cultural, physical, social, and intellectual activities designed to meet the needs of our youth. Students are given input on the program. Activities raise self-esteem, increase problem solving skills, and broaden interests in a fun and inclusive manner.

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