Half Day = Fun Day

27 Sep

School Half Days. Teachers kind of love it. After-school programs either close or take a deep breath because they know that they are about to spend a lot more time with their children. However, when you work at the FutureVision middle/high school program at the YWCA, it means: Half Day Fun Day! Thanks to proactive planning, the hours spent after 1 pm don’t have be spent looking at the clock and waiting for program to be over. They are spent trying to cram in all the fun activities that are planned so we can move onto the next and still have time to do it all!

On Wednesday September 15, 2010 Asheville City Schools had a half day, which means the students go home early so teachers can get their lives together. We picked up students at 1 pm and had an action packed afternoon and wore our kids out for their parents. We drove them down to Carrier Park on Amboy Rd. and high school counselor Mr. John managed to convince these teenagers that tag games and group activities are fun!

Then we headed down to the gracious folks of the Asheville Outdoor Center, who suited us up on bikes and sent us on our way! We split up into groups and rode up and down the S. French Broad River, smiling and laughing, singing songs (some pretended they were in a music video) and enjoyed each other’s company.

Heading back to the YWCA for an afternoon pizza snack thanks to Papa John’s and settled in for about half of the movie, Coraline. Talk about a fantastic “Half Day!”

Story and photos by FutureVision counselor Beckie Harmon

One Response to “Half Day = Fun Day”

  1. Katie September 27, 2010 at 5:51 pm #

    I love reading updates from the FutureVision program! You guys are doing awesome things…keep it up!

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