AIDS Awareness Walk

8 Nov

A group of participants in the YWCA’s MotherLove program for teen moms were part of the WNCAP AIDS Awareness Walk on Saturday.

They were included in the Asheville Citizen-Times’ coverage of the event. Here is an excerpt from the article by Barbara Blake:

“Dr. Polly Ross, medical director of WNC Community Health Services, watched from the sidelines, her face a mix of hope and frustration.

‘We have a chance to make a difference on this planet by spreading information that can prevent the spread of HIV,’ she said. ‘When you look at this crowd … it’s all different kinds of people, and HIV doesn’t discriminate.’

Ross said she was encouraged to see the number of teens taking part in the walk and rally, including about two dozen girls from the YWCA wearing matching orange sweatshirts with the Y logo. ‘These young people have grown up since we knew (the facts about AIDS),’ as opposed to the early years of AIDS marked by misinformation and fear tactics, Ross said. ‘They understand the facts, and there is no reason it (HIV) should be spread.’…

Sequoia Harper, a senior at Asheville High School and one of the YWCA girls in an orange sweatshirt, came on the walk for the predictable reason, ‘to help support people with AIDS.’

But when Harper thought more carefully about her reasons, it really came down to the friend she has who is living with AIDS.

‘It will make him happy to know that I’m here,’ she said.”

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