Transition to Kindergarten Luncheon

10 Nov

From Child Care Center Director Wanda Harris:

Yesterday was the first Transition to Kindergarten luncheon for the parents of upcoming Child Care Center graduates. This year we have 13 possible graduates. Our goal is to make the transition easy for both the child and the parents.  There is a lot to know. The way the system works, a parent can’t just go to the school and ask to enroll their child in kindergarten. They have to fill out an application and list several school choices just in case the first choice is full.  There are school open houses around the city and county. We want make sure that our parents know about all of them. 

At the lunchen the transition team shared things that the children will need such as scirrors, beans for stringing, books, etc. The team showed the parents how to help their children at home and gave examples of teachable moments.  This is the first year we have held a meeting in November but as things change so do we. It is important to us that our children (and their parents)are prepared. We will also have a follow up meeting in March where the Transition to Kintergarten team will bring every form that is needed by the schools.  This includes immunization and a special form called “ All About Me,” where the teachers and parents answer questions about the student. We then take these forms to the schools so the teachers have information on our students before they get there.

Leslie Hales is our Transition to Kindergarten Program Coordinator.

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