Employees of the Quarter

16 Nov

From Development Director Tami Ruckman:

It’s a tie! The YWCA Employee(s) of the Quarter are…

Rachel Blattner, Preventive Health
Rachel is absolutely amazing! She works hard to meet the needs of participants and willing takes on extra task. She does not settle for mediocrity and is helpful in giving ideas and feedback to make both the Preventive Health department and the YWCA a better place. She works from her heart and is striving to find a balance between school, work and life. She has brought salsa joy to many departments and her passion is infectious. She truly lives and loves the YWCA. She is kind and caring and very patient and thoughtful with members and clients. She goes out of her way to make folks feel important and empowered. She is beautiful inside and on the outside – truly an asset to YWCA- willing to help out, take on projects. Whatever it takes to get the job done, Rachel is the person to do it!

Pearley Hampton, Afterschool
Pearley works well with the children, parents, and staff at the YWCA. She keeps a smile and makes everyone around her joyful by singing, dancing, and saying pleasant things. She helps in all groups of the afterschool and assists parents who may have questions even if their child is not in her group. She provides great customer service and is willing to go the extra mile to be sure that everyone is accommodated and that there is excellence in the program. She has especially helped her co-workers understand what was needed to be sure sanitation inspections are passed.

Congratulations, Rachel and Pearley!

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