Club W Member Survey

5 Jan

Every year, we survey current and past Club W members to find how we’re doing. We use the survey results to improve the experience in our Health & Fitness Center. This year, we were thrilled that over 90% of Club W members indicated on the survey that they were Satified or Very Satisfied with their Club W membership. Here are some of the sweet comments people made about us:

* Mixture of ages, sexes, and races is delightful.
* Low-key, rarely crowded, no showoffs.
* More laid back than other gyms
* I love being a part of the YWCA and the programs it supports
* The YWCA is one of my favorite places to go. It is more than just a gym, it is a community! I love the staff and the diversity of people who are Y members. They are like an extended family to me! The YWCA is a place I can be myself and feel good about myself!
* Very encouraging atmosphere for working out
* Love the friendly feeling at the YW
* I feel very welcome, supported and encouraged by staff and members at Club W. I appreciate very much the multi-racial, multi-cultural atmosphere, and the expectations set that members be respectful and appreciative of each other.
* I have never even wanted to join a fitness center before now. Love the YW!
* I am consistently proud to be a member of the YWCA and proud to support it!

Sound like the place for you? We are offering free enrollment to Club W until January 31! Find out more about Club W here.

photo by sandra stambaugh

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