Employees of the Quarter

24 Feb

Congratulations to the latest YWCA Employees of the Quarter, Mehgan McNeil and Carol Severance. Here is a bit about both of them from Development Director Tami Ruckman:

Mehgan McNeil, Preventive Health Care Counselor, has an ever so patient approach to working with participants at the YWCA and in the community. She brings professionalism and empathy to our clients situations and handles with care the concerns of our Preventive Health program. She is always supportive and on top of her game! She works hard to meet the needs of our clients and always has time to listen both to us and our clients.

Carol Severance, Club W Membership Coordinator, is the epitome of customer service.  She eagerly helps out where ever needed.  Members rely on her to greet them, console them, direct them and listen to them.  She always has a smile on her face.  She is committed to the YWCA and her members.  Carol treats this building like her home.  If there is hair in the shower, she picks it up.  If there is trash in the parking lot, she picks it up.  She takes great pride in the YWCA presenting her best face.  The month of January is very busy for Carol – she diligently compiled membership numbers and cheerfully toured all who came in to see the YWCA. She also stayed late and came in early to serve prospective members.

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