Volunteer Spotlight: Paul Hultberg

31 Mar

Another GREAT YW Volunteer!

Paul Hultberg and his wife Evie are members at the YW.  They enjoy working out regularly in the gym and the pool.  They are also long-time friends of the YW’s Program Director Catherine Peck.

Recently, Paul approached our Director of Development Tami Ruckman, who also oversees the computers and network, and asked her if she needed any help.  “When I realized Paul’s level of skills, I couldn’t believe it!  He has saved us hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and can do things that I don’t begin to know how to do.”

Born in New Jersey into an Armed Services family (his dad was a WWII veteran), Paul went to school at Gettysburg College, then got an MBA from Wake Forest University.  He spent 16 years working for the YMCA, was Operations Manager at a large insurance company, and worked for himself.  He always enjoyed computers, so then went to work for Barium Springs Home for Children in Statesville, where he managed computer systems dozens of times larger than the YWCA’s.

When they retired, Paul and Evie moved to Asheville.  Evie is in the process of becoming a Naturalist at the NC Arboretum, and Paul can be found inside the YW’s server room or under a desk working on a computer a couple of days a week.  Paul and Evie are taking the month of July off to take a 5,000 mile driving trip across the Western United States and Canada.

Tami says “Paul not only knows computers, but knows non-profits, and is helping us get the best from our investments in technology.” 

Thank you Paul for sharing your skills with the YWCA of Asheville!

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