Cane Creek Middle School Stands Against Racism

6 May

Report from Anne Haffey, Spanish Teacher at Cane Creek Middle School:

We had a great week here at CCMS. I head our International Club which is club devoted to the promotion of cultural diversity and literacy at Cane Creek Middle School. We travel to Fairview Elementary to read with students enrolled in the English as a Second Language program as well as share our diverse cultures and backgrounds. We participate in many different activities as a club throughout the year. One of which was STAND AGAINST RACISM Week.  The students worked very hard to promote the week. We made posters and read the morning announcements in different languages that represented just a few of the many languages that are spoken here at CCMS (Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Ukraine).

Then on April 29, the students posted our Stand Against RAcism pledge on posters in the cafeteria and gym. We had our student body (and faculty) read the pledge and agree to abide by it here and in our community. If the agreed they signed the pledge and received a button, sticker or book mark. We had over 300 students sign the poster and we gave away all of our 250 buttons and stickers. Most of all the students really rallied together to stand against racism. We had some awesome discussions in classrooms and after school.

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