Evergreen Community School Stands Against Racism

6 May

From Kriya Lendzion, Evergreen Middle School Guidance Counselor:

It was a community-wide atmosphere of acceptance and activism at Evergreen Community Charter School as we took a strong Stand Against Racism.

As parents drove into car circle, they passed a 5 ft long banner made and signed by students in Afterschool, and were given “Racism Hurts Everyone” stickers by an enthusiastic group of 6th graders. Kindergarten to 8th grade and staff also proudly wore their stickers throughout the day, and 5-8th grade students and staff signed a large Pledge Against Racism bulletin board. Throughout the elementary school, teachers discussed the concepts of racial prejudice and respect through picture books and class circles. One class made Stand Against Racism posters to cover their classroom door, while another put on a play of Dr Seuss’ “The Sneetches” for younger students. The lunchroom was transformed into a Poetry Cafe with candles and a tea bar and Middle Schoolers, staff and parents spent lunch reading, writing and listening to poetry related to racism. The poetry theme ran throughout the Stand, with all students at all grades, staff, parents and Board members encouraged to submit poetry for a whole community “Embrace Race” poetry wall, which will be on display at the end of this week. Throughout the week, 8th graders also read a morning quote relating to racial justice, which were discussed within classrooms. Parents were educated as well, and were given a guide of resources for “Preventing Racism and Prejudice in Our Children.”

Behind the scenes, teachers hightened our own awareness and the teachers lounge was filled with professional development articles on teaching diverse children, preventing and disassembling racial prejudice in kids, and working honestly on our own biases to be better teachers.

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