Employees of the Quarter

9 May

YW Employees of the Quarter – words from their nominators:

Douglas Moore – Above the call of duty assisting others? Yes!  Good deeds? Yes. Upholding the mission of the YWCA? Yes. Doug always walks in the doors of the YW with a smile on his face and at the end of the day, leaves with a smile on his face.  In fact, Afterschool has nicknamed him “Cheesing” because he is always smiling.  Along with his constant, pleasant, happy, attitude, he will assist his co-workers whenever they call.  And…he does it with a smile. The children love him, the parents love him, the staff loves him. His commitment to his job, co-workers, and participants is well worth his deserving to be Employee of the Quarter. As a young person with the attitude and commitment he has, I commend him greatly. Thanks Doug!

Tangela Ballard-Bowman  – She goes far above and beyond to ensure that each and every participant in MotherLove (and sometimes even girls who aren’t enrolled in MotherLove) gets everything that they need for themselves and their child. She makes herself available to the girls 24 hours a day and I myself have witnessed her get out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to go be a support system to a young lady who was in labor. She ALWAYS makes sure that the girls have transportation for any purpose whether it be to a doctor’s appointment or to the grocery store for food. She has sacrificed hours with her family to be a listening ear to a in a family crisis. I believe that the YW mission statement is embedded in her DNA! She is truly a GREAT example of the YW and she lets the girls know that the sky is the limit. I’ve had the honor of seeing one birth in my five years here but Tangie has witnessed many. Though she biologically gave birth to 3 children; she is a mother to 30+!  Thanks, Tangie.


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