FutureVision Participant PJ Sams Graduates Today!

10 Jun

Oh the Places You Will Go…       
PJ Sams will graduate high school this Friday, June 10. It was a long road to get to that point. He has worked hard and persevered, and YW FutureVision staff have been lucky enough to travel with him on that journey.
We first met PJ just after his freshman year in high school. Talk about sassy! He had a retort and inappropriate joke for everything. Clearly we had our hands full. We had our good days as well as our bad days, but as time went on something began to happen: PJ grew up. He became a leader we knew we could count on to model appropriate behavior and set a positive example. His jokes also took a turn for the better. Instead of shaking our heads and wagging our fingers, we laughed along with him. PJ kept program fun and upbeat.
Throughout his 3 years in program he has successfully completed the Y-Dub Tri Club Triathlon, as well as become a certified lifeguard. He’s pushed through personal and educational obstacles and hasn’t let anything set him back. We’ve seen his interests shift from goofing off to green energy and architecture. This young man is going places and we couldn’t be more proud of him.
PJ plans to attend school at AB-Tech and then transfer to a four year college. Keep your eyes peeled…you surely haven’t seen the last of him!

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