FutureVision and Fire Fighters

5 Jul

Report from FutureVision Americorps/Project Power volunteer Beckie Harmon:

Some kids dream of being a doctor, a lawyer, or a teacher. We forget to remind them of some of the most important jobs of all; service providers such as Police Officers, Security Guards and Fire Fighters! Lucky for YWCA FutureVision students, we were able to experience some of these types of jobs throughout the school year first hand. We collaborated with the Asheville Fire Department to ensure thatboth our Middle and High school aged students were able to have insight into a day in the life of a Fire Fighter.

The middle school students were able to head to Fire Department on South French Broad, at the station they were able to learn about all the important parts of a fire truck and how they are used. The fire fighters gave the students a run down on what it means to serve your community as a fire fighter and what a lifestyle choice it becomes. Then they suited ‘em up and put ‘em to work! It was amazing to see our kids work together to navigate a 75lb fire hose! They practiced skills and took turns being the lead fire fighter.

The high school students got a surprise visit by Chief Zundt and his crew and they gave us a similar experience. We were able to get suited up in the gear, use the hose, and even hold the electric powered axe and see the Jaws of Life!

Other than overhearing a few kids mention how cool it would be to have that job, they were pretty starry eyed and shy and had very few questions. However, to us, they couldn’t stop talking about how cool it was and how much fun they enjoyed the experience and learned new things.

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