YWCA at Goombay

30 Aug

The YWCA had a booth at Goombay, Asheville’s annual African-Caribbean festival. Our Aquatics department offered a “fishing” game with prizes and a drawing for a free session of swim lessons.

We also promoted the Stand Against Racism with materials and a flip chart where festival goers of all ages shared thoughts about the question, “How has racism affected you?” Here are some of the answers:
Racism makes me feel sad.
Racism introduced me the strength within and power without.
Racism made me sad and angry and obligated to do more to stand against it (as a person with white privledge).
Racism has made some friendships difficult.
Racism leads to statistics saying I should not have been in college as a black woman!
I’ve learned to pray more for those that have negative attitudes.
Racism creates selfishness.
Racism hurts everyone.
We all must stand together if we are to accomplish anything.
Racism fueled urban renewal.
Racism is ignorance.
Racism hurts.
Racism has affected everyone I know – no matter what their skin color – I try to be concious of this everyday.

Needless to say, this activity generated lots of interesting conversations. The YWCA’s Goombay experience was fun and meaningful. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us!

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