Different Strokes! Presents “Shotgun”

21 Sep

Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective Presents Shotgun

Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective and the YWCA of Asheville are excited to announce an upcoming production of John Biguenet’s Shotgun, coming September 29 through October 8 at Asheville’s BeBe Theatre.

A portion of proceeds will benefit Building Bridges of Asheville, which endeavors to overcome racism by community dialogue.

Shotgun is a thought-provoking play set in post-Katrina New Orleans. In the words of The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, “playwright John Biguenet exposes with power and grace the wounds that remain and examines how they might best be healed.”

The play follows a white man and his teenage son who rent half of a shotgun duplex from an African-American woman, whose father has lost his home in the Lower Ninth Ward and moved in with her. The two families find that more than just a wall runs between them. Shotgun explores whether this divide, like the city’s levees, can be breached.

Shotgun is not just about an African American family sharing a roof with a white family,” says Stephanie Hickling Beckman, Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective’s Managing Artistic Director. “One of the lovely things about Shotgun is that it is less of a play about race and completely a play about people. At its core, Shotgun is about people and the similarities they share as human beings despite their differences.”

The cast features Chuck Beattie, Gary Gaines, Angela Joyce, Jake McNair and Peter Millis. Stephanie Hickling Beckman directs and Caitlin Lane serves as stage manager.

The show runs two weekends only: September 29 – October 8, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. at the BeBe Theatre, located at 20 Commerce St in downtown Asheville. Tickets are $15. Reservations are strongly recommended and may be made by emailing differentstrokesavl@gmail.com or calling (828) 490-1405. Food, wine and beer will be offered by donation.

Friday, October 7’s performance will be followed immediately by a talkback session with the audience, facilitated by members of Building Bridges of Asheville. To support the profound necessity of Building Bridges’ mission, members of Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective’s Board of Directors are participating in the program’s fall 2011 seminar.

Based on their mission to eliminate racism, the YWCA of Asheville is partnering with Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective to produce Shotgun. Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective endeavors to increase and sustain the opportunity for more diversity within the performing community and on the stages of Western North Carolina by producing and presenting works which confront issues of social diversity in a provocative way.

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