Salsa Salud y Sabor

6 Oct

From YWCA Preventive Health Director Alphie Rodriguez:

We just finished the the final report for Salsa Salud y Sabor, the Latino program we did in collaboration with UNCA. Below is a quote that made me happy.

“Claro que me gustaría. Para mí es muy importante todo esto que nos están regalando yo pienso que es un regalo de dios que nos pongan a estas personas en nuestro camino porque yo siento en otras partes como latina hemos sentido el racismo y aquí  nunca jamás he sentido.”

“Of course, I like it. For me it is very important all that they are giving us. I think it is a gift from God that these people are on our path because I feel that in other places, as Latinas, we have experienced racism, but here, never have I felt it.”

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