Join the 2012 Stand Against Racism!

21 Feb

The YWCA of Asheville invites the community to participate in the third annual “Stand Against Racism.” The Stand Against Racism is a program of the YWCA aimed at raising awareness that racism still exists and that it can no longer be ignored or tolerated. Events will be held during April. A focus of this year’s Stand is “Common Spaces,” and trainings will be offered on how to make common spaces more welcoming. Details about these trainings and other planned events will be posted at

“Today, the YWCA of Asheville is calling on all local organizations, corporations, churches and other houses of worship, government agencies and individuals in Buncombe County to join with us by becoming a participating site of the 2012 Stand Against Racism,” announced Ami Worthen, YWCA Marketing Director. “Any group of any size that believes in a society free of racism is invited to join us.” Last year Asheville had 159 participating sites, the most of any YWCA in the country.

Any organization or group of individuals can become a participating site by signing up through the Stand Against Racism Web site:  A participating group can host a Stand Against Racism event at their own location, or can attend another Stand event or training. Participation in the Stand Against Racism is free and becoming a participating site is very simple. The YWCA will provide materials to guide the process. Each organization’s “stand” will range from gatherings at work to larger scale stands like rallies and marches. No matter what shape the “stand” takes in each participating site, all activities will echo the theme “racism is unacceptable.” Organizations are urged to visit to join this important movement.

The persistence and pervasiveness of racism divides our community and keeps individuals from achieving success in education, economics, employment, and quality of life. Strength comes from numbers.

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