FutureVision Success

7 Mar

Meet Brianna*, a participant in the YW’s FutureVision teen program. Now a high school sophomore, Brianna began her involvement with FutureVision as a troubled sixth grader who was quick to act out, quick to speak before thinking, and prone to giving into anger. Through her involvement with the YWCA, Brianna has matured into a young woman who is devoted to her school work, volunteers in YW Child Care, and sets a positive example for the other students in the program.

“I have known two Briannas,” remarks Katie, the FutureVision High School coordinator. “One Brianna would act on anger and negative feelings. The Brianna I have seen grow and develop through high school will now communicate about her problems and process her feelings before acting.” When talking about a problem she is facing, Brianna admits, “The old me would want to fight. The old me would not want to be the bigger person. But now I think about my actions. I think about how they will affect my future, and I know fighting will only hurt me in the end.”

A place where Brianna has truly had a chance to blossom is in volunteering in the YWCA’s Child Care Center. She has a passion for working with babies and toddlers. Brianna knows each child by name, and her face lights up when she sees one of “her babies” with their parents in the hallway or lobby of the YWCA. Wanda Harris, Director of Child Care, is thankful for a volunteer like Brianna and said, “She’s real dependable. She does anything that’s asked of her and will take initiative to go above and beyond. She’s become part of our family.”

The change that has taken place in Brianna over the course of several years is truly inspiring. The YWCA has opened doors for her that she may have never thought to open and peek through. Volunteering in the Child Care Center has instilled a sense of responsibility and ownership of her life, while the FutureVision program has encouraged her in her academics by providing homework help, tutors, and mentors. We are excited to see the path that Brianna takes in the future, and all that she will accomplish in her life.


*Not her real name. Story by Jewel Tavener. Photo by Ami Worthen.

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