Women on Board Workshop Thursday, May 17

10 May

The NC Center for Women in Public Service (NCCWPS) is offering a “Women on Board” Workshop at the YWCA on Thursday, May 17 from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Click here to register or email programs@nccwps.org.

Here is more information:

At NCCWPS, we believe women’s involvement as participants and leaders in the political arena is essential to an ethical, effective, and inclusive political culture.

A recent study of women in appointed positions in each of the 50 states found North Carolina ranked 37th with 29% of appointed positions being held by women in a state where women make up 51% of the population.

Appointed leaders play key roles in state and local government and oversee a broad array of policy areas and functions, ranging from education and healthcare to utilities and lotteries. Appointees also control the cash. In an average state, cabinet leaders collectively manage $12.5 billion of the state’s budget. Clearly, appointed positions do matter and we believe more women in appointed office will result in a different policy agenda, process and outcome.

Women appointees make a difference by ensuring the perspectives of women and families are equally represented. Research also shows women bring unique skills and values to public service, including willingness to cross party lines, problem-solving and organizational skills, and a focus on identifying and meeting community needs. By preparing women to seek office, we also address the public need for ethical, effective public servants and a more representative political landscape.

Get Ready, Get Set, Get on Board!

Appointed leaders play key roles in municipal, county, and state government. Women from all backgrounds already have the skills necessary to pursue these public service opportunities.

Join us for an interactive workshop that will equip you with tools to identify and pursue your dream appointment.

  • Learn why appointed positions are powerful & important
  • Get an introduction to how boards and commissions are structured
  • Understand the difference women make in public policy
  • Identify your public service interest
  • Explore strategies for securing positions
  • Develop research skills to identify opportunities
  • Make a plan to reach your public service goal

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