TWIN 2012 Honoree Spotlight

26 Jul

The YWCA’s Tribute to Women of Influence (TWIN) event honors women who have made significant contributions to their fields, and recognizes those organizations that support such achievements. 2012 marks the 21th anniversary of TWIN. Leading up to this year’s September 20th event at Pack Place & Diana Wortham Theatre, we will highlight each of our 20 incredible TWIN Honorees. If you would like more information about the TWIN event, or to reserve a ticket, please visit

Evelyn Fozzard

In 1997, Lyn Fozzard made a decision that led to one of the most revolutionary and visionary non-profit advances in the country. Lyn chaired her father’s foundation, the Melvin R. Lane Fund, which awarded small grants to worthy non-profits in the region. She began to notice how often the non-profits were duplicating services, how they had little interaction with each other, and how many were barely able to survive. Lyn decided to move her foundation’s assets to the Community Foundation of WNC. She then commenced a program to award $150,000 grants over three years to agencies which were solid but needed help to achieve true sustainability. These large, multi-year grants gave organizations an opportunity to do real capacity building, leading to sustainability and overall success. The recipients were to collaborate with other agencies and were allowed to use the money directly to do whatever was needed to make their own agency viable – often by hiring staff, retaining consultants, or purchasing equipment.  Since that time, 30 agencies (including the YWCA) have benefitted from this revolutionary concept. Other foundations around the country have also taken notice of her concept to foster non-profit sustainability and collaboration and have adopted similar strategies for awarding grants.

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