Meet Our Board President: Melissa Williams

29 Oct

Tireless! Hilarious! Fearless! These are the three words most often used when describing the current YWCA Board President Melissa Williams. Always ready with a joke, a one-liner, or an impression, Melissa has been a constant upbeat presence at the YWCA since coming on the Board in 2011.

One year ago this October, Melissa was handed the unexpected task of chairing the Executive Search Committee. The Board President at that time, Nancy Ackermann Cole, laid out clear, strong guidelines for the Search Committee, and Melissa fearlessly took them and ran. The Committee met intensely for months. By late Spring, Melissa and the Committee presented Beth Maczka, who was affirmed unanimously by the Leadership Team, and approved unanimously by the Board of Directors. No small feat!

But there was no time to rest. Almost simultaneously as Beth was affirmed as Executive Director, Melissa stepped into the President’s role. She’s at the YWCA almost daily to meet, greet, and work.

In her “real” job, Melissa wears not one but two work hats. She manages the marketing for two different non-profits: WNC Alliance and Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF). Melissa hails from New York, is an avid runner, loves the YW with a passion, and is an avowed unashamed Michael Jackson fan.

Melissa, thank you for all your work for the YWCA of Asheville and for our community!

photo by zaire kacz

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