Child Care Staff Spotlight

1 Nov

This fall we have been honoring employees for their 5, 10 and 15 years of service to the YWCA. We are featuring those employees on this blog by department. Today we’ll celebrate some of our wonderful Child Care Center staff, with words from Wanda Harris, Director of Child Care.

Shaketia Simpson – 5 Years of Service
Shaketia is a quiet, powerful force that keeps the babies happy.  She is very dependable and usually turns her paper work in long before the due date.  The grandparents adore her, and of course the babies do, too.

Charlene Wilkins  5 Years of Service
Charlene is such a dedicated team member. She is the lead teacher in the one year old room. Without being required to, Charlene came in and worked on weekends for quite awhile.  She said that she needed to get her room like she needed it to be.  Now her room is finally up to her high standards, and the kids love it.

Freida Maddox – 10 Years of Service
Freida is one of the original Child Care Center dream team members. She had never worked in child care before but it has always been a dream of hers.  She has been known as the “child care clown” because she has always made everyone laugh because she is always cutting up. The children and staff love Freida’s cooking. She never lets anyone’s’ birthday go by without a celebration. Freida has taught us how to press on through all kinds of challenges. Thanks Freida for the extras.

(Note: Frieda recently left her position the YWCA. She will be greatly missed, and her contributions to the success of the Child Care Center will not be forgotten.)

Beth Summey – 10 Years of Service
Beth is also one of the original Child Care dream team members. Beth has led every classroom in the child care and now she is the lead teacher in our new two year old classroom. She also does scheduling and team leadership duties. Thanks Beth for all you do.

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