Health & Fitness Staff Spotlight

11 Dec

We have been honoring employees for their 5, 10 and 15 years of service to the YWCA. We are featuring those employees on this blog by department. Today we’ll celebrate  Health & Fitness staff.

Susan Macdonald – 10 Years of Service
Ten years ago the staff and board of the YWCA had a bright idea. “Let’s start a Fitness Center!” But, of course, no one had the least idea about how to go about doing that, and so the YW hired Susan Macdonald to make it happen. As director of the brand new Health and Fitness department, Susan purchased the machinery to furnish the gym and the studio, set up financial structures to ensure profitability, scheduled class, hired staff, and started spreading the word that Club W: The YWCA Health & Fitness Center was open for business. Since then, Club W has brought thousands of people into the YW to get healthy, and it makes money to support all of our other programs.

Clare Cook  5 Years of Serviceclare
Clare Loves the YWCA! In and out of the YWCA, Clare is always working to promote the YWCA and its mission to her friends, groups, co-workers, social media contacts and everyone she meets. She can be counted on not just to work hard, but represent the YWCA in a positive light. Members and staff comment what a joy it is to work with Clare. She is talented with excellent communication skills. We are proud to have her on our team.

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