Thanks to all who made Salsa, Sabor, y Salud a Success

26 Dec

Thanks to all of our great staff and participants, Salsa, Sabor, y Salud was a success on many fronts this fall! The YWCA Preventive Health Department is very happy that we could offer health and nutrition classes to Latino families. The families that attended during the six weeks were dedicated and eager to learn, offering the insight and participation to guide their own experience.
latino family istock 6-26-12

“Gracias a mi nuera!” (“Thank you my nanny!”), exclaimed one of our participants as she was leaving with her family and added a big hug for Chloe, an intern from UNCA. Chloe and Jack who facilitated the children’s program were loving and engaged with all of the participants, offering education and attentive supervision. Jack is great at getting every child involved in the activity or game. Stephanie, another intern from UNCA, provided a cool confidence and welcoming attitude that made the adult group feel comfortable sharing about their experiences. She gave an invaluable talk on ingredients to watch out for on nutrition labels that I think will prompt big changes for the better in the pantries of our Salsa families.

Thank you as well to Susan Kettren, our Directora of Preventive Health, who didn’t give up on us and was willing to change the dates and help us secure a time and space. Thank you to Ellen Bailey who helped us with outreach and offered her experience with the program and her connection with the Latino Community. By hosting a dinner and interactive survey for participants, Ellen and the students at UNCA are making the Salsa, Salud, y Sabor Program more applicable and accessible.

Thanks to Norma who helped with interviews during our fiesta and to Zaire who led a gym tour in Spanish for us and helped with outreach. What a blessing to be able to come together and create community!

We hope to run the program again in the summer and have even more families come together to dance, share, and establish habits for lifelong health.

Hasta Pronto,

Katie Souris
Care Counselor
YWCA Preventive Health

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